Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i dont know when it was. maybe a year ago? two? i decided to write some new Mistake material.

for some reason, i couldnt find anyone else in the band so i decided to do it all myself. our previous session had just been myself, Mark and this kid Evan Sinclair (who's brother had played bass for one show for us) and was recorded by Daniel Bieranowski at his house, which was a couple streets down from this street called Gay so we named the recording "just passed Gay Street". 4 of those songs are on The Mistake MySpace page, and two have been swept under the rug. i may release them here eventually, i may release them on a Cd. who knows, who cares.

anyway, this is one song i wrote and recorded all by myself, with this kid DFH playing drums. its unmastered and unmixed but i figured someone would be into it, so here it is.

i didnt name it, but the album was supposed to be called WARSHIP JAMZ. get it? like worship jams? ha.

no name #1

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  1. hey man,
    i don't know if you're into taking requests for albums or not, but i was wondering if you had any in reply or weir you'd like to share with everyone?