Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Black Flag

Everyone likes Black Flag. If you don't, you're wrong.

I really dislike reunions, but find myself attending anyway. I'm almost always right as I walk away totally disappointed. Over the years I've seen some version of Black Flag a few times. I saw 'em at Amoeba (Hollywood) in December '02 when Rollins Band covered Black Flag songs as a benefit for the West Memphis Three. Keith Morris, Dukowski, and Rollins took turns on the songs. I don't remember much else except there were some forgettable famous people there (I really forget who).

Attended the "Benefit for Cats" thing that Gregg Ginn put together in '03. It was Ginn, Robo, Dez, and a pre-recorded bass track. I was thoroughly disappointed in the entire event. Mike V and the Rats opened up playing "My War" start to finish -- it was forgettable.

The most enjoyable for me was the Class of '77 reunion show at the El Rey in December '01. A bunch of bands got together to promote the release of "We Got The Neutron Bomb", the oral history of L.A. punk. The Screamers (just K.K. and Paul Roessler), Circle Jerks, Weirdos, Red Cross, Adolescents, The Crowd, The Controllers, The Skulls, Bad Religion, The Dogs, The Runaways, Geza X, Lee Ving, TSOL, and Agent Orange all performed with some bastardized lineup or another.

The two highlights of the night were:

Watt and Hurley playing Minutemen songs. At the end of their set Watt yelled at the audience: "Start your own band" and "FUCK NEW WAVE". Incredible.

Keith Morris doing "Nervous Breakdown" songs backed by a lineup of Weirdos / Circle Jerks / Redd Cross members.

Sweet pic (probably '83 lineup?):

Still wondering how long the world will have to wait for an official release of Decline. Would love to see the extra Black Flag, Bags, and Germs footage. Here's Flag with their best singer, Ron "Chavo" Reyes:

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