Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Mummies

Anyone who knows me is undoubtedly aware of my love for all things garage. Billy Childish, Teengenerate, The Registrators, the entire Rip Off Records catalog... On that note, my man 'Ben Alvie' over on the Livewire Board recently hooked up this insane collection of The Mummies. Enjoy:

The Mummies 7" Bundle:

Larry Winther and his Mummies – Live @ Pony Express Pizza Parlour 4/13/89
Mummies and Greg Lowery – Food, Sickles, and Girls
Mummies / Wolfmen
Mummies – You Must Fight To Live On The Planet of the Apes
Mummies – Get Late
Mummies – Peel Sessions
Mummies – Sessions
Mummies – Shitsville
Mummies – Stronger than Dirt
Mummies – Tales from the Crypt
Mummies – That Girl
Mummies – Uncontrollable Urge

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