Saturday, May 16, 2009


photo by xfurnx

Neon Claws was a band from Southern California whose existence was unfortunately short lived. Born from the twisted brains and boredom of Jerry Wayne Wolbright and myself, we were a band for less than a year and played 3 shows. It was hard to break from the "ex-members" of curse, but members from Carry The Casket, The Mistake, Graf Orlock, and Hurry Up and Kill Yourself were in the band.

Ill let the music speak for itself.

Here is a video of our first show, at Scruffy's house in Riverside:

and the demo, free of charge.

Neon Claws were:

I would tell some stories about Neon Claws, but honestly it was mostly us getting drunk and/or high, making grand plans and never really following through. Dan recorded our demo. we played the last local hardcore show at Showcase Theatre, and Dipiazza's Pizza. Im not sure what the other dudes are doing now. We only really broke up because we couldn't pull it together. It was fun while it lasted.

couple song explanations:
"all messed up with no place to go" and "days that end in "why?" were about the fact that Jerry was in a court-mandated 12-step program and lost his license. i drove him around a lot, and we lived in the same apartment complex, which (un)fortunately for us both had a liquor store IN THE FUCKING PARKING LOT. the line "i'm crawling home" was fucking true. many nights/ early mornings i found myself crawling from his apartment to mine.

"youre treading on me" was about me watching my kid do the pledge of allegiance, and seeing how truly fucking brainwashed we are from a young age. the sample is fucking classic. we watched a lot of "its always sunny"

"gone for good" was about jerry's dad

"divorce" was about not repeating patterns in our families.

i wish we had recorded the songs we wrote after the demo, but i think we left a good mark. could have been more, but fuck it. "that's a hell of a damn grave"

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