Saturday, May 16, 2009

Record Trading

The late 90's were a great time for internet record trading. Popsike didn't exist and things things weren't exhaustively cataloged, so a good score wasn't unheard of. I got my copy of "Kids Will Have Their Say" for a few YOT records and a Tenfold 7". Of course, there's those near-misses that still haunt me as well. I was this close to getting a Chung King for a stack of about 40 hardcore records, mostly late 90's youth-crew revival stuff, Rev colored vinyl, etc. Dude pulled out at the last minute and I've been angry about that ever since.

I was recently reminded of one of the all time great trades (from my perspective). Via the RevBoard I received an e-mail from a guy willing to trade me a mint copy of DYS "Brotherhood" for the Evergreen LP. At the time I think every single person who hung out at Softcore owned one and since I didn't want to trade my own copy I just asked someone at Softcore to trade me theirs. I think I gave up an Into Another "Creepy Eepy" on red vinyl for it. Then I traded that extra Evergreen LP for the "Brotherhood" LP. Still own it, too.

Evergreen live at Costa Mesa Community Center (sorry for weird credit strip on picture - only version I have access to):


  1. i remember doing a trade with Steve Aoki, where i came out victorious with a Chain Of Strength "true til death" on green vinyl, and promised to get him the Gorilla Biscuits "live at safari club" 7" and i never followed through. he called me out a couple years later about ripping him off, and i just laughed. what a dick i am.

  2. Hahahahaha. Incredible. G. Bowne traded Steve a Start Today on purple for some junk. I was straight up angry at him for doing it. Sometimes one can be too nice.