Sunday, May 24, 2009

God's Iron Tooth "the getting fucked ep"

Gods Iron Tooth was one of the first sludge/doom/"stoner" bands to infiltrate the OC hardcore scene, if not THE first. I cant remember when this cd was handed to me, but i'd venture to guess 1998? everyone was still wearing big pants and trying to be evil. Phil (vocals) and Jeremy (guitar) and Travis (drums) handed me the demo, saying something about EYEHATEGOD and IRON MONKEY (hence the name) and at the time i didnt really get it. Phil had been in a sxe band called Exempt, and was one of the biggest, most tattooed dudes around at the time. Jeremy was in Xessive forceX and had been through Navy Seal training. these were not dudes you wanted to mess with. i just remember Travis smiling a lot, and not really liking their bass player Ryan cause he was friends with Tyson.

i tried to contact Phil via myspace, because neither Cheesegrater or I have any contact info for him right now, but that was fruitless, so i had to do some work on google.

Encyclopaedia Mettalum says that the Getting Fucked EP was released in 2000, and had 5 songs. "the last vista session" 2001, had 3 songs. i remember not really as into anything past this demo. there are some funny pictures here

GIT has a myspace page, as well, with some cool photos

Phil went on to be in Dirty Girls and City Scum. Prime Directive put out the Dirty Girls 7", i suggest you purchase it IMMEDIATELY

for now, blaze a fatty to the ORIGINAL GETTING FUCKED EP

i received this reply from phil via

Sorry Jav, I dont use my myspace account anymore. The "Getting Fucked" ep was recorded in 1998 with Paul Miner at For the Record. It was 2 songs and we did it with Jeremy playing the bass tracks. I think at one point we asked you if you wanted to play bass? In 2000 we finally got a bass player and recorded "The Last Vista Session" ep. Rusty Cavender from Treadwell and Le Shock recorded that record at his house. It was the very last recording he did at that home studio, so we payed homage to it by calling the record "the last vista sessions". His house was on Vista ave. in Long Beach. Rusty also recorded our full length that never saw the light of day.

We kicked Ryan out of the band before we recorded the full length and got our good friend Kelly. That was a pretty awesome line up that played probably 3 shows before breaking up.

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