Saturday, May 16, 2009


i fucking loved Found Dead Hanging. Keith sent me the demo, and i was fucking hooked from the beginning.

i described it to people as a mix between His Hero Is Gone and Creation Is Crucifixion. whatever it is, its brutal, hectic, heavy, and sometimes silly (in a good way).

the mistake had the pleasure of doing our one and only tour with them. i think our introduction to them was Itow throwing a pack of fireworks at them, before he had met any of them.

yeah, they had an AMAZING ep on Black Market Activites, and were on the Hellfest DVD one of the years. but ive decided to upload my introduction to them, their demo. its three songs, and the first and second song are two of my favorites. i once BEGGED keith to play the second song on the demo, in San Diego... we had to sit in their van and listen to MY cd of it so he could remember the lyrics.

one time i had some b33f with Maynard. he dated my friend Beth from AZ, and it ended badly so i took her side. a few months later, i saw him at Ryan Like A Hex's house in Syracuse, where he busted in and asked if anyone wanted to play Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. nobody was amused. around an hour later, my knife went missing, and i last saw it in the proximity of Maynard. of course, i blamed him. about 6 months later i got an email from Ryan saying he found my knife behind a bookshelf. what an asshole i am sometimes.

you can find a few videos of them on youtube and stuff, but lets just focus on the demo for now, ok?

also, be sure to check out Keith's band Architect. they recently played with Disembodied in Minneapolis, and everyone was impressed.


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