Sunday, May 17, 2009

best of 2008 mixtape

its no secret, but maybe not widely televised that Cheesegrater and myself are into hiphop. Cheesegrater has some of the best Kool Keith records ive ever seen (that Santessa record is infectious!), and i used to DJ a hip hop night with Efrem (

i came across this mixtape a few days ago from Hype Machine, and its pretty fucking awesome. my only real complaint is the same for pretty much any mixtape, and thats when they continuously announce who the DJ is for that particular mixtape.

"american boy" is one of my favorite jams right now, and this version is pretty cool, with Jay-Z dropping a live verse. Jay-Z's collab/ mash-up with Oasis is pretty cool too. im kinda sick of hearing that MIA song, especially after Slumdog Millionaire, but the version on here is cool. once you get past the first couple of songs, it starts to rock pretty hard. give it a shot, broaden your fuckin horizons, son.

Cornerstone mixtape 2008

track list:
1. Intro (6th Sense)
2. So Fly (Slim f Biggie - Mick Boogie Mix)
3. Announcement (Common f Biggie - Mick Boogie Mix)
4. I Luv Your Girl (Dream f Jay-Z MB/TU Mix)
5. Paper Planes (MIA - Terry Urban Mix)
6. Swagger Like Us (Jay-Z - Mick Boogie Transition)
7. Jockin My Wonderwalls (Jay-Z & Oasis)
8. Diamond Girl (Ryan Leslie f Kanye West - Mick Boogie Mix)
9. Paris Tokyo (Lupe Fiasco f CL Smooth - Mick Boogie Mix)
10. Girls Around (Lloyd f Rakim - MB/TU Mix)
11. Drivin Down The Block (Kidz In The Hall f/ El-P)
12. Gettin Up (Q-Tip)
13. Milli (Lil Wayne - Wonder/Excel Mix)
14. Love Lockdown (Kanye West f LMFAO)
15. Falsetto (Dream - Terry Urban Mix)
16. Day N Night (Kid Cudi f Jay-Z - Terry Urban Mix)
17. Lollirock (Lil Wayne & Kanye West - Kickdrums Remix)
18. Dangerous (Kardinal f Akon)
19. The Boss (Rick Ross f Lil Wayne - Mick Boogie Mix)
20. Out Here Grindin (Khaled)
21. My President (Young Jeezy f Nas)
22. Black President (Nas f Young Jeezy)
23. American Boy (Estelle f Jay-Z and NERD - Terry Urban Mix)
24. Everyone Knows (NERD - Sammy Bananas Remix)
25. Dont Touch Me Remix (Busta Rhymes f Nas)
26. Magic (Robin Thicke f Jay-Z - Mick Boogie Mix)
27. The Light 08 (Common)
28. How We Rock (Termanology f Bun B)
29. Rising Down (The Roots f Mos Def & Styles)
30. Viagra (88 Keys and Kanye West)
31. Midnight 08 (Q-Tip)
32. Go All Out (9th Wonder and Buckshot)

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