Saturday, March 28, 2009

West Coast Power Violence Poll

Results of favorite "WEST COAST POWER VIOLENCE" band poll:

Capitalist Casualties - 0%
Crossed Out - 3%
Infest - 48%
Man Is The Bastard - 33%
No Comment - 3%
Spazz - 11%

Had a feeling INFEST would win, and rightfully so. They shred. I voted M.I.T.B.

Almost surprised SPAZZ got more votes than NO COMMENT or CROSSED OUT... maybe due to lack of availability of the latter 2 bands' records?

MAN IS THE BASTARD live at Showcase Theater. Photo by Jav. I suspect this is from the NEUROSIS, M.I.T.B., BLOODLET, DEAD AMERICA show on October 2, 1996 because (1) M.I.T.B. didn't play Showcase often, (2) Jav loves Bloodlet, and (3) I see Christian, the lead singer of Dead America singing along:


  1. dude can't believe capitalist casualties got no love!!! sooooo good, still remember getting "the art of ballistics" back in 91 or whatever, blew my mind.

    no comment, in retrospect, were by far the best of all those bands though. amazingly tight playing, great songs, and the bleakest fucking lyrics ever.

  2. oh and funny spazz story... when i was 17 or so i stayed with max, the drummer, at his parents' house in redwood city. he drove us to the show at gilman that night in his dad's acura. i was holding his snare and he said "dude, watch the seat... if you scratch the leather my dad will kill me." that night i also met SECT from US/BTM which was cool.