Thursday, March 5, 2009

Poll Results -- Victory Records

Poll results are finished. We asked you, the reader, to vote for your least favorite of these Victory Records bands:

Bloodlet - 9 (21%)
Deadguy - 9 (21%)
Earth Crisis - 7 (16%)
Snapcase - 3 (7%)
Strife - 14 (33%)

Going in, I assumed Strife would win. Perhaps the wholesale sell-out of the band put a bad taste in a lot of mouths (didn't 1 guy stay edge?) Maybe people just don’t like the band; I know I never did.

Leave a comment telling us who you voted for and why.


  1. I believe Chad is still edge. Maybe Andrew but i could be wrong.

    I hate Bloodlet. That's why I voted.

  2. you're current poll is missing an option for
    other- N3V3R 3NOUGH

  3. i would have voted, but BABY GOPAL, HIFI AND THE ROAD BURNERS and A PERFECT MURDER were omitted. also, i feel that from that era, SCREAMIN WITH THE DEADGUY QUINTET is the weakest release. such a let down.

    victory released some awesome records in the 90s.

  4. Listing those crappy bands would've made the poll too easy. Point was to pick which of the popular 90's bands you liked least.