Monday, March 9, 2009

dave mandel

I was watching the Throwdown DVD yesterday. there are soooo many good dudes in that video, but one of the funniest and most awesome is also one that i probably know the least out of anyone in that movie. Dave Mandel.

my first introduction to Mandel was from his zine, Indecision. It was a fucking great zine, huge with tons of amazing pictures and interviews with the biggest bands of the day. towards the end of his run publishing Indecision, he started doing mini-zines called CAN'T FORGIVE. they were more personal and i totally related to them, being an angsty-type teenager. i could tell that he was in the "hardcore elite" of the day, being friends with all of the big bands like Strife and stuff.

the first time i ever saw a picture of him was in Christine Doan's zine, STREAMLINE, where there is a pic of this unassuming dude with bleached hair and a letterman's jacket talking on a payphone. then, of course, there was the whole "Mandel can suck it" record...

i remember this concert called BOARD IN SOUTH BAY at Cal State Dominguez Hills, and Sick Of It All was playing. this smaller dude in a Youth Of Today tank top was pushing around the bro-type dudes who were ruining our fun, and someone leaned in and said "thats Dave Mandel"

i dont remember when i finally met Mandel. maybe it was when Throwdown got signed to Indecision. i remember him bringing Taylor Steele (the singer of 4 Walls Falling, not the film maker) over to softcore one night. we somehow became friends, and i remember my kid almost falling in his pool once.

the picture above was taken at Lazerstar, in Oxnard. i think Throwdown, possibly 18 Visions was playing, and there was a photobooth. we went a little picture crazy that night, and this picture is from a series where i made 4 different people jump in with me. i am very proud of this picture. the expression on his face is amazing.

i sent Dave an interview for All Over This Town about 3 months ago, and last i heard from Itow is that he is "working on it" and ill get it soon. should be interesting.


  1. Almost every member of the Throwdown Dance Team was at that Lazerstar show. Everyone there took photos in that booth for a "TDT" press of the Throwdown 7" I planned to make. That pressing never happened, but I still have the photos which I see everytime I dig into the PDR "vault".