Saturday, March 14, 2009

Keith Barney Poll

The "Favorite Keith Barney Band" poll turned out about as I expected:

Adamantium - 37%
Death By Stereo - 7%
Eighteen Visions - 11%
Throwdown - 44%
Monument To Thieves - 0%

No surprise that the race was tight between Throwdown and Adamantium. I voted Throwdown as they long ago purchased my everlasting devotion in WaWa Peach Iced Tea and by naming a chapter of their DVD after me. Jerks.

Thought 18V might get a few more votes, but then again, it's an un-arguable fact that their best album ("Yesterday Is Time Killed") was made before Keith joined the band. No fault of Heavy K's, just the way life goes.

And while Death By Stereo has lost my attention at this point, the album Keith was on "If Looks Could Kill..." is a beast, even to this day.

Wonder what would happen if I made a poll pitting Eighteen Visions "Yesterday...", Bleeding Through "Dust to Ashes", Throwdown "You Don't Have to Be Blood...", Adamantium "From The Depths..." and Death By Stereo "If Looks..." against each other. Would the results be closer?

And, yes, I know I didn't list xRAINx or N3V3R 3NOUGH as options. I only included bands that released a vinyl record.

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