Tuesday, March 17, 2009

until the ink runs out

yeah, i was in 18 Visions. its been 8 years since i set foot on stage with them, and people still ask me about it all the time.

i dont mind talking about it. it was a good time in my life.

AJ, over at Path To Misery asked me to talk about Until The Ink runs out. i wrote something about it, which kinda turned into me talking about how i left the band. in it, he says i quit. thats not entirely true.

i hit up Keith about writing for this piece. i said "hey, this kid wants to write something about UTIRO. do you want to write something about it?"

his response- "what kid"

i wrote him back "its just this kid AJ who wants to write about one of his favorite records. you dont have to be a dick about it. nice response"

check out AJ's blog. hes into heavy music, but needs to post about more good bands. ha.

i also sent some cassettes of 18V playing live from 1998 to Justin at XSTUCK IN THE PASTX so keep an eye out for that.

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