Monday, March 2, 2009

chris girard's house show

sometimes there are hardcore shows that are the stuff of legend.

one hazy weekend afternoon in south county, a legendary show happened. anyone in attendance will attest to this. in a mild mannered suburban home, the spectacle of THE MISTAKE and MATOE was unleashed.

ive asked a few people to try to put to words what happened at this show, and i receved this from Austin Cherness, or "Austin without the liprings" or "south county Austin"

chris gerard lived with his mom in a nice house in laguna niguel. he decided to have a show with the mistake and matoe. i think the mistake and matoe kind of always had to play together. this was one of the first shows where matoe werent pirates, and it was pretty much a let down. this was in his garage and it was pretty much all south county kids, with the exception of the mistake and a few friends. this was the begining of the short lived "riot mosh", and man was that fun.

what made riot mosh different from regular moshing? well, riot mosh was more wwf instead of karate. also it was just trying to do the most over the top stuff you could, like elbow drops and baseball slides and body slams and stuff. it was always aimed at friends though, because nobody else really understood it. due to riot mosh, i will forever have a busted shoulder. i messed it up in a wall of death gone wrong, and as it was healing, aria decided it was a good idea and body slam me right on to it.

anyway, the mistake played and it was mayhem in the little garage. i wish i still had pictures, if only to post mikey v's flock of seagulls hair from the show. and i think he had construction gloves on. the mistake usually finished sets with the "where's my foot" song, and its a great pile on part. well, it usually is, but this time was different. a lot of times, there would be 1 or 2 shoes thrown on stage...well, i dont know WHY or HOW this happened, but there was a giant bucket of shoes in the garage just waiting to be thrown. so all of a sudden, the pile on doesnt happen, and it turns into a fucking battlefield of shoes. like literally, at least 20 pairs of shoes being thrown full force at each other in a tiny packed garage. i think jav still has injurys from this.

anyway, it was a great show. probably better than when matoe played at this kids house and we had a bounce house mosh sesh and then people were moshing with sledge hammers and axes.

after the show we went to in n out and greg cuchissi carved slayer in his arm to show how metal he was. i asked him to see and i poured a pack of salt on it. the end.


  1. i think i got a concussion at that show..but you totally forgot to mention some girl getting pushed into the pool. my faourite riot mosh was in long beach....those young drunk punks were PISSED and i rememember watching the dudes from wrench smoking pot on the grass and NOT getting it. derrr

  2. Was definitely there. I thought it was the kids birthday?

  3. i almost completely forgot about this stuff. this is a rad blog jav. don't know if you remember me but we hung a few times a while back and i bought some 7 inches from you... can't remember which ones except earth crisis all out war on conviction records. anyways, hey.

    pat ryan