Friday, March 27, 2009


the first time i saw Fugazi, i was a sophomore in high school. me, Jake Bolding and Bill Brandon were going to take Bill's dad's car to the Palladium to see them. his dad got mad about something and revoked the use of his car, so we were almost stuck. guess who came to the rescue? my mom. my mom agreed to drive us up there on the condition that we provide her with a ticket to the show. totally fair trade. she sat on the balcony and watched, and told stories of this "circular crowd motion" for years after.
the band played the Palladium either 2 or 3 consecutive nights on this tour. we got the second show, and apparently the night before someone had thrown a shoe at Ian and he was still raw about it.

the next time i saw them was during a two night stint at the Shrine in Hollywood. apparently the academy awards had been there? i dunno. we went two nights in a row, i think with Andy White and Ryan Wallace, maybe Steve Aoki. i remember being amazed that some kid was recording the show on one of those things the kid uses in Home Alone 2. i went both nights.

in 1999 i would see Fugazi 4 times. went to San Diego to see them at the Soma (the old location) with this girl Lindsey. next night drove to Ventura, maybe with Brandan? all i remember about the Ventura show was sitting on the balcony.
a couple of months later i saw them at the Glass House and at the Palace. i dont remember much about either show, except that Bluebird played the palace show. come to think of it.. i dont remember ANY of the bands who opened for Fugazi.

Fugazi was undeniably one of the very best bands ive EVER seen live, and i was just saying the other day that id give almost anything to be able to see them play one more time. the last time they toured, the closest they came to playing here was a high school gym in Yuba City, AZ. i kick myself for not making that 5 hour drive.


  1. I have a picture of me, Aoki, Phil White and Olivia Hinkens taken at one of those Shrine shows. So weird.

    Saw them at a VFW Hall in Salinas, CA (seriously) on that '99 tour. Great show.

  2. Pearl Jam opened for Fugazi the one time I saw them. We were like "what is this crap!"

  3. Sorry, I responded prematurely.
    The show at the palladium was the Pearl Jam show, guess you were there as well! I rode up in the back of a pickup truck with a couple of Kid Crew dudes. I didn't have a ticket but the security guard working the side entrance let me slip in.
    Strangely, I did not know Bill Brandon in 1991, but I dated him/lived with him in 1997! Small world.