Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Useless Facts

I keep a list of every show I've ever been to. I think a lot of people do. I recommend starting one, as it's helpful when you're 31 and trying to remember something that happened 15 years ago. As I was browsing it trying to jog my memory for stories for this blog, I noticed that I'd been to 2 shows in the same day on a number of occasions. Here's some that caught my eye:

July 22, 1996 -- Disembodied, Endeavour, Enewetak, Collapse @ Stone's Church
July 22, 1996 -- Texas Is The Reason, Gameface @ HB Library

By the time we got to the Library, the show was long sold out. I think we bribed the door-guy with food instead of doing the usual sneak-in by climbing the balcony.

July 25, 1997 -- Ten Yard Fight, Battery @ San Diego Showcase (matinee)
July 25, 1997 -- Rocket From The Crypt @ San Diego Showcase (night show)

I think this was TYF's first West Coast show? Maybe not. Either way, the next day was the West Coast debut of Better Than A Thousand at the Showcase in Corona. We didn't realize how many people were into TYF and thought we'd be the only ones singing/moshing/diving, but Showcase went crazy when they played. We were psyched.

February 2, 2000 -- Farside @ Chain Reaction
February 2, 2000 -- Gehenna @ Showcase

Two of my all time favorite bands. I think Farside only played 2 or 3 shows after this, although the East Coast tour with Fastbreak may have occurred in there sometime?

June 28, 2000 -- Throwdown, Eighteen Visions @ Fireside Bowl (Chicago)
June 28, 2000 -- Jets To Brazil, The Explosion @ Fireside Bowl (Chicago)

The Fireside was almost unbearably filled with cigarette smoke when Jets To Brazil played. This was not the show where the beef with No Warning started. That was on December 29, 2001 when Throwdown, Bleeding Through, and No Warning played together at The Fireside.

November 18, 2001 -- The Mistake @ Chain Reaction
November 18, 2001 -- Limp Wrist @ Koo's

I'm not sure I believe this happened, but it's on the list so I'll list it until I determine otherwise.

January 25, 2002 -- The Grand Elegance @ Orbit Studios
January 25, 2002 -- Innaway @ House Show

The Grand Elegance show was more of a practice with a few people there. It is, however, noteworthy because I drank beers with Rolan Bolan, Marc Bolan's son. I didn't have the cojones to ask about T. Rex.

February 22, 2002 -- The Starvations, The Grand Elegance, Thee Make Out Party @ The San Juan Train Depot
February 22, 2002 -- Innaway @ The Tiki Bar

The Grand Elegance killed it that night. The crowd kept requesting songs off the CDep, but the band just flat-out couldn't remember how to play them, even after several attempts.

June 14, 2007 -- The Hymns @ Detroit
June 14, 2007 -- Japanese Motors @ Avalon

I've probably done some combo of Detroit / Avalon / eVocal shows on the same night a few times. The list needs updating.

April 27, 2008 -- Mean Season, Love Thyne, The Mistake, Crushed On You @ Showcase
April 27, 2008 -- M.I.A. (w/ Jello Biafra singing) @ Detroit

I only made it for a couple Jello Biafra-fronted songs, so this only half counts.

There's probably more, but like I said, the list needs some updating.

Unrelated note: I once saw Blood For Blood, Blood Has Been Shed, and Most Precious Blood play the same show.


  1. I was at the Texas show and I did climb the rock wall to sneak in. It was awesome.

  2. TYF's first California/West Coast performance was the night before that San Diego show @ The Pickle Patch in Isla Vista.

    Stoked on the blog. Bookmarked.