Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Black Cat Music

January 2002. My friend D was really into this band Black Cat Music, and as I hung out with her every day, I became a fan as well.

I had just returned home from a winter Throwdown tour which I had ditched out on in NYC to hang out with friends and get drunk. Appropriate as many of Black Cat Music’s songs were written about intoxication and a certain girl who had since moved to NYC (and who I would later go on a what-I-assumed-was-a-date with. Still not sure on that one.).

Regardless, back in California Black Cat Music was playing at the Garage in L.A. and D wanted to go. I’d been there once before for a Snapcase show sometime in the late 90’s (‘97/’98?) Strife may have played as well? We drove up in the pouring rain, walked into the club, and realized we were the ONLY people there. Well, not the only, but the only paying fans. Another band played. We didn’t care. Black Cat Music took the stage and laid into it. They were killing it. Playing their hearts out to literally two people, plus whatever roadies / friends / girlfriends were hanging at the bar. D and I didn’t care so we stood right in the middle of what would have been the pit and enjoyed ourselves. It was raining so hard that water was coming through the roof and falling onto the band as they played. They finished their proposed set and were ready to leave the stage, but we weren’t satisfied. D hadn’t heard her favorite song and, drunk, was adamant about hearing it. For some reason the alcohol didn’t translate into her vocal chords so she asked me to yell it out. Sure, OK. “Wine In A Box” I yelled. The band, obviously surprised, looked at each other and nodded. They played “Wine In A Box” to the two most satisfied people in Los Angeles. Top 5 shows I’ve ever been to for a lot of reasons.

Later that year, I spent a few months in New York City where Black Cat Music was the semi-soundtrack to our lives. We saw the band play at Southpaw in Brooklyn and ended up having a good time with them later that night. I’m told the drummer recently passed away. Weird fact –- before Black Cat Music he played for Hatebreed. Rest In Peace Denny.


  1. i saw Snapcase at the Garage. it was during the day. Ignite played. Maybe 1134. i think Strife did play, but i left before them. All i remember about the show was being stoked that Dave from Lifetime was playing drums for Ignite, and Leah Urbano and Grail Mariano were there.

  2. That's the Snapcase show I'm talking about. I don't remember a dude from Lifetime playing for Ignite. I do remember Frank from Lifetime playing guitar for Snapcase. Snapcase played "She" by the Misfits and I walked on heads.

  3. Nice to see some love shown towards Black Cat Music. Very under appreciated band.