Thursday, February 12, 2009

We Are Electrocution

Costa Mesa's Tiki Bar sucked. Bad sound, no parking, terrible bands usually. For years, whoever was booking that place totally dropped the ball. Out of the hundreds of local shows I've attended over the years, I'd guess about 6 have been at the Tiki Bar. CKY circa 2000 was fun, as were a few Innaway shows, Smogtown once or twice, and maybe the Angry Samoans (can't remember if it was here or somewhere else).

Somehow, on November 19, 1999, the Tiki Bar actually had a good show. That night, I went to see The Stitches, Smogtown, and Le Shok. All 3 bands, especially The Stitches, were (are) always a roll of the dice to see live depending on what type of intoxicants the members consumed, but on this night I remember things going relatively smooth. As the story goes, things weren't all they appeared.

The following information is strictly hearsay, but I've heard it from a few sources and have come to believe its validity. Supposedly, Le Shok, dissatisfied with the sound, insulted the sound-guy. It must have been pretty harsh because at some point security chased Hot Rod Todd down the street. Instead of running or fighting, Todd simply turned around, pulled out his 'junk' and began brandishing it / waving it at the security guys. I'm not sure if they were insulted, afraid, or weirded-out, but I'm told whatever they felt caused them to turn around and head back to the club.

Here's Le Shok playing "She Prefers Whips" off the "DNA" 7" at Chain Reaction:

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