Monday, February 9, 2009

javs intro

i met Cheesegrater in 8th grade, which i guess was 1991?
this kid Austin Hawkins lived across the street from me, and was into heavy metal and skateboarding, and Cheese and this kid Carmello hung out with him.
in 9th or 10th grade i was in my first band, 67 CENTS and Cheese was our manager or something. we covered Misfits and Function, and played our high school and one show with MONDAY C.O.W.
for a while in highschool, he and i were the only ones actively involved in hardcore. we went to every fucking show and were total outcasts. maybe it was the fact that we wore ties to every show and didnt talk to anyone else.
he went out with one of my ex-girlfriends and i didnt talk to him for a couple years.
he started a record label, and put out some seminal Orange County hardcore records. he has roadied for many bands including Throwdown, Martyr AD, and The Vandals, and has traveled all over the fucking world (i love his corrupt Peruvian police story).
he now lives somewhere in the South Pacific, where he practices law for the US Government (what a sellout). it makes it hard to communicate, and i totally had his phone number memorized before.
speaking of selling out, i sold out straightedge in his house, and he was the sole witness.
i think its amazing that some 16 years down the road, two dudes can still tell stories about hardcore. this blog will feature those stories. we will post videos and talk about the shows, flyers, and if anyone else wants to talk about something, drop us a line at

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