Wednesday, February 11, 2009

jav vs. superfandom

When John Pettibone and Derek Fudesco ask youy if you want to shoot dice, you say yes.

It was 2001 and I was touring with Poison The Well. The last show of tour was Seattle, I think the Velvet Elvis. We find the club, start unloading, and head in.

Now, as Cheesegrater will tell you, I fucking loved Undertow. And it just so happens that I love Murder City Devils. Guess who was working "security" at the club? The singer and bass player of said bands. I'm not gona lie, I was kinda starstruck. Then, Johnny came up to me. Recognized me or whatever, I don't really remember. He said he and Derek were playing some crazy dice game, and asked if I wanted to join. I don't remember what the game was, but it involved 6 dice.

On a side note, c-low, however you want to spell it, is a popular way to lose your per diem. On this tour I think a particularly heated game went down somewhere in Florida involving Carley Coma, Jeff The Well, Ryan Primak and myself.

Anyway, I had no idea how to play this game, so I watched. The big boys were obviously unimpressed, and I had trouble following how to play.

We played the show, and afterwards I thought "holy fuck, I didn't even show Derek my Murder City tattoo. That would have been the most awkwardly awesome thing EVER!!!". Think about it. Some random hardcore dude pulls his shirt to reveal a tattoo of your band's lyrics. I can't imagine.

To conclude the story, we ate some place after the show with all the other bands, who were continuing the tour through Canada while we went home. The boys were to drop me back in OC on the way back to Florida. I had a veggie burger at the show, which I'm blaming for making me throw up the entire way home. Even in the middle of the night while everyone in the van was asleep, I drove with one hand while using the other hand to hold the soda cup I was throwing up into. I got home after the 24 hour drive, got in the shower, and sharted/ threw up at the same time. Good times.

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