Monday, February 9, 2009


Ditto on Jav's post, plus the following: I was heavy into punk, metal and some crossover when I started hanging out with Jav in earnest circa '93. Slayer, ST, Maiden, Testament, COC, Subhumans (Canadian and UK), Flag (Black, not White), Bad Religion, etc. He'd been to see some HC shows via Newport's legendary O'Flynn sisters and this pro-skater named Quy Nguyen. 411, Blackspot, Mission Impossible... the Workshed Records stable of bands basically. When he introduced me to the 'core, I was blown away. Now, instead of seeing Megadeth once a year at Pacific Ampitheater, I could check out bands once a week. Totally accessible. Plus, it was something to do once the sun went down and you had to leave the beach.

So Jav got me into hardcore and, as much as anyone else, has helped define my experience with it over the last 15+ years. My first viewing of Decline of Western Civilization was at his place on 21st and Orange in Costa Mesa. He gave me a cassette with FYP's "Finish Your Popcorn" on one side, Chorus of Disapproval on the other, that literally changed my life. He was the first person I knew to get a tattoo, and the first I knew to actually be on a vinyl record (Enewetak / Unruh split 7"). His crew of vegan-straightedge toughs was the King George to my group of sleazy, light-hearted surfer dudes' George Washington (or the Hetfield to our Mustaine?). They were 'hardcore', we were 'softcore'. Then he came over to our side. Then they all formed incestuous bands, I released the records, and we went on tour a bunch. When he left 18 Visions, he was ready for something new and so was I. Around 2001/2002 I was teetering on the edge of total HC-dropout. For better or worse (still not sure which), Jav and The Mistake single-handedly saved me from that fate by requiring me to put out their records. They worshipped Left For Dead -- how could I say no?

So that's where we are. I'll post some stories, pictures, videos, links, downloads, whatever I feel like. A lot of it will likely have nothing to do with me or hardcore in particular, but that's what I'm into, so that's what you get. Enjoy.

Jav's first band, 67 Cents (promo photo):

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