Thursday, February 12, 2009

Artist's rendering of ME!!!

I remember this show. it was fucking HOT!!! it was Eighteen Visions, Martyr AD and Poison The Well. the date on the youtube video said 10/21/2001, which makes it about 6 months after i had played bass for PTW on tour. i believe it was Martyr AD's first show here, and as anyone can tell you, the crowd for Martyr AD was fucking frightening. ive only been afraid one other time, during Buried Alive's set at Hellfest 1999.
Anyway, at about 1:40 in this video, at the bottom left of the screen you see someone creep down from the rafters of showcase. this jerk is yours truly. you can see me check the stability of the guitar head, because i was planning to jump off of it. i decide against it and just jump off the drum riser. what a moron.
this video does have some pretty good headwalking though, and is an accurate snapshot of the way show looked around that time.

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