Thursday, February 12, 2009

Disembodied's only video on the internet

there are several interesting things about this Disembodied clip. First, the fact that it is, as far as i can tell, the ONLY video of Disembodied on the internet. incredible. secondly, Aaron is not singing. Jody, who originally sang for Everlast and was in Race Traitor at some point, is. Apparently Aaron was nowhere to be found, and they had a tour booked.
As Tara explains..
"Aaron flaked, and we went to see Earth Crisis in Milwaukee and met Jody there when his band played and we were like you should come sing for us and he was like OK and we flew him up here for practice a few times without even knowing him".
He apparently didn't have the best personal hygiene, either. "He stayed at our house for a while and he never took showers and he was uncircumcised and he always bragged about how stinky he was. He was a nice guy but liked being a dirty punk rock kid and it got old FAST"
At this point, the band only had out the Existence in Suicide EP and the Confession 7". On the same tour they played at Aaron Stone's dad's church in Costa Mesa.
Jody was left in Boston at the end of that tour because they just didn't want to be in the band with him anymore. "We finished the tour with Justin singing, Joel playing drums and Mark playing guitar, and that was the end of Jody, except for my yellow Descendants shirt."

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  1. That tour, all considered, was pretty fun and i'm stoked i had that experience. A few things though: I was never in Race Traitor in any capacity. i was in Hinckley, which was the band before Race Traitor. I sang for Tusk after Disembodied. My band did not play the Earth Crisis show in Milwaukee that i met those guys at. Lastly, i was "left in Boston" because i QUIT THE BAND right after we finished playing in Boston. My best friend Jaime, who lived in N.H. at the time, came to that show and we decided that hanging out for a few weeks in N.H. and skateboarding sounded like a lot more fun than finishing the rest of the tour. And it was. A LOT of things besides me being a filthy bastard got very old, very fast for a lot of people on that little jaunt with Disembodied, culminating with a huge blow-out arguement in New Jersey (before Boston), after a month of daily bickering about EVERYTHING, where we very mutually agreed that we'd finish the tour and then i was done with Disembodied. They were all good people and all, but we did not jibe well as people that should be in a band together. i didn't think then or now that there were hard feelings about it or anything, it just didn't work. i think the fact that as soon as we would get to a town we were playing i would bail out on my own and not come back again until it was time to play was a pretty good indicator that i was more than over it too, long before we got to Boston. And the fact that i didn't bother to learn the words to most of the songs. Incidentally, once i realized how bummed out they got about the idea of me not showering, it was just too funny to ruin it by taking a shower. They really hated it, obviously. -Jody