Tuesday, February 10, 2009

That's Mighty Childish

Even the advent of the internet hasn't made keeping track of prolific poet, writer, painter, and garage-legend Billy Childish easy. How does one even attempt to keep up with a guy who's released hundreds of records? You don't, I long ago decided. I try to catch him whenever he's in my town or I'm in his, and have been pretty successful so far.

Saw Billy with his band The Buff Medways at the Dirty Water Club in London, July 2006. Lucky me, as they broke up soon after. Video not shot by me:

Caught Billy Childish and the Chatham Singers a few weeks earlier in Leytonstone, the town where David Beckham grew up. I missed the train back to wherever I was staying, so I opted for a 2 hour bus ride that sucked. Got a picture of me and Mr. Childish, so it was worth it. Show was with Pete Molinari, who shreds. Check it:

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