Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adamantium vs. Bad Brains

have you ever heard that Bad Brains tribute compilation called NEVER GIVE IN: A TRIBUTE TO THE BAD BRAINS? it's pretty awesome. the Moby song on it fucking rules. and it has Ignite, Cave In, Vision Of Disorder, Sepultura, etc.

i always thought it was interesting that Orange County's own Adamantium had a song on it. at the time, we had heard that nobody in Adamantium even liked Bad Brains, and it was Aaron Lisi who engineered the event.
i asked Keith Barney if he wanted to do a piece for about the recording of the song, and here's how the conversation transpired on AIM:

hiimjav: would you be interested in writing something
short for my blog?

heavykxxx: [AWAY] Just one second...
heavykxxx: about anything or what
hiimjav: About the adamantium song on the badbrains
tribute album

heavykxxx: i'm not really a bad brains fan... but
there were awesome
bands on the comp so we picked the
heaviest one we could

heavykxxx: thats not a good story ha
----------------------- 5:34 pm -----------------------
hiimjav: Well that's the thing.. The rumor was that nobody
in your band
even liked bad brains. I just want to write
more like historical and
archival pieces. I'm gonna ask
horowitz rosie and maybe paul miner about
it too
heavykxxx: i mean....
heavykxxx: moby was on it
heavykxxx: just had to
----------------------- 5:39 pm -----------------------
hiimjav: Lol
hiimjav: And that concludes the interview

i also asked Matt Horwitz to write something, and here is the
myspace message i got back:
We recorded it at the guy from Open Hand's studio. The same
day we
recorded 'Virus' for a comp and the another song for
the "as the sun
sets" comp(?). Jim Miner did the solo. I haven't
heard it in a long
time but does Efrem sing on it too?
so there you have it. the whole story, straight from the
horse's mouth. totally fucking interesting huh?


  1. Matt is retarded. We recorded it at For The Record.

  2. PS. The real reason was that Sepultura was on it.

  3. Lisi was into Bad Brains..
    the rest of us I think just respected them.
    as forefathers of the music we aimed for.

    also Dave Mandel definatley just gave us
    a great chance to have our names
    on a cd with bands like youve mentioned..
    and also bands that completely
    shaped adamantiums sound like v.o.d.
    snapcase and turmoil.

    Def at for the record..