Monday, February 16, 2009

The Mistake Discography

The Mistake demo was recorded October 16th, 2001. yes, that long ago.
I could fire off for hours about all the crazy shit that went down, but i decided to talk about the recrods. yes, vinyl records.
The Mistake recorded 4 times. for the Demo at Tru One studios in Norwalk, CA
for the "fuck everything up" record at The Distillery in Costa Mesa
for the split with Carry the Casket at Orbit Studios by Paul Miner
and 6 songs with Dan Berienowski (sp) in 2007? 4 of which were released onto the myspace page, 2 have yet to see official release.
Of those 4 sessions, 2 were laid down to vinyl. The "fuck everything up" record had one song that was exclusive to the 7" and one song that was exclusive to the CD, and the CD contained the infamous "live at showcase" recording. The initial session was recorded analog by a dude named Mike McHugh, and The Distillery has laid down such bands as The Aqua Bats, The Black Lips, The Distraction, 16 and fucking Rocket From The Crypt. Alex Tover played drums on that recording and had joined the band the day before. Chris Rouse sang backups. Erick practically BEGGED me to say "fuck you atreyu". i will swear upon everything that it was his idea, and i was against it. i laid those words to tape and the rest is infamy.
The split with CTC was labeled "fuck" or "fuck the mistake" and every song had the word FUCK in the title. Paul Miner came into Orbit Studios and we booked a regular 3 hour practice. we payed paul 100 bucks and he recorded those songs live, then set up a mic in the center of the room and i screamed. no overdubs. the insert to that record is probably one of my favorite layouts ever. we just emailed the lyrics to Cheesegrater, and he blacked out the addresses and printed them out.
the layout for "fuck everything up " was done by Ben Goetting. i just sent him the pic i found in some book about Doc Marten boots and he did the rest. I wanted something that was bright colored because everyone else was doing deathly doom shit, and we wanted to do something different, more "punk". i love the target and i love the purple. we had those shirts for a long time.
this is one of the 15 test presses for "fuck everything up". i made 15 different covers, each with a different old-school punk icon. mine is Jimmy Pursey. i dont even remember what the other ones were. probably The Clash and Capt. Sensible.
these were Vinyl Solution press covers. i wanted to pay homage to some classic records. Dave Mandel did the layouts. Cheesegrater changed the title "How Could Hell Be Any Worse" to "How Could Life Be Any Worse". 50 covers were pressed for each.
this is the generic cover for the split with Carry the Casket. the art for their side was a statue of liberty or some equally awesome stuff. i didnt really pay attention. all of the labels were once again left blank, and we just wrote CTC or MSTK on each side. 500 pressed. 100 were pressed on black and 400 on white.
this is the test press for the split. 8 were pressed, all with this cover.
as noted on the record, 25 were pressed with this cover. i believe we had a show and the "real" covers werent made, so Cheesegrater threw these together with the good ol' rub on letters. i remember giving one to Greg Bacon. i have 2.
another Vinyl Solution press. Cheesegrater was working there at the time, and made 50 of these covers to sell there exclusively.
Mark Mitchell made this cover. Jarvis Cocker giving the two fingered salute. it has a diffrent insert as well. i believe 25 of each of these were made.

Cheesegrater made this 2x7" set to sell at the final show at Showcase Theater. 2o were made. i believe most sold. its both 7"s with a special message from yours truly.
will the mistake record again? maybe. will the mistake ever be forgotten in OC hardcore history? one can only hope.

pretty much, fuck you all.

Cheesegrater EDIT: We had planned, and set in motion, a UK pressing of the "Fuck Everything Up" 7" to be done by our friend Troy. It was to have a song exclusive to that version (thus, you'd have to buy the USA 7", UK 7", and CD to get the entire session). The best part was the layout. I had Ben Goetting switch the colors from purple to a light pink (I think), and change the band name to "THEE MISTAKE" in an homage to Billy Childish (Thee Headcoats, Thee Mighty Caesars, Thee Milkshakes, etc.) For one reason or another, likely my laziness, it was never made.

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  1. I have that Bad Religion rip off cover, but I never managed to get my hands on a copy of the Carry The Casket split.