Monday, July 27, 2009

Full Circle Thrash

Full Circle Thrash Tour 2000. I caught the November 25th show in Pomona, CA at the Millenia Co-Op across the street from the Glasshouse.

Lineup was Esperanza, Lifes Halt, What Happens Next?, Total Fury, and The Oath.

The whole show was fast and fun -- reminded me of a PCH Club show. The pictures for the limited version of the What Happens Next? "Ahora..." 7" are from this show.

Luckily, this was before The Oath watched too many German submarine movies and decided to become crappy concept art-punk (if I want art-punk I'll listen to Wire or Pere Ubu)

Esperanza featured Rich (Dirty Dirt and The Dirts) on vox and Steve Aoki (This Machine Kills, Dim Mak, DJ) on guitar. They had a song on one of the Max Ward 625 comps, but the real deal was their demo. It shreds in a Minor Threat kinda way. This is a reminder to myself to upload it.

I bought a medium "tour" shirt but have gained weight. So, I recently grabbed a size large off eBay. Here it is:

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