Sunday, July 12, 2009


so theres a show coming up, august 16th 2009, and you can read about it HERE. i wont post the details on the blog.
also peep THIS for some lolz

then watch this video:

it may look familiar as the setting of the back cover of "humanity is the devil" which always looked a little odd to me, Integrity playing outdoors? wtf? but this video puts it into perspective, and shows Integrity at their peak if you ask me. the classic SYSTEMS OVERLOAD era line-up.
also interesting about the video is that it was filmed by Jason Popson, who sang for In Cold Blood. he also did a lot of vocals on the HIGHLY under-rated INTEGRITY 2000 record... oh and he was in some band called Mushroomhead. he was also in this short film with Ryan Dunn (from Jackass)

also found a really cool thing about Integrity HERE on the Bid Hardcore blog. the replies to the post are awesome.

writing this, i got side tracked trying to find a video for the Damien Done song "ass-crack is the new cleavage" which Dwid directed, and also an awesome Vice TV interview ive seen before, where Dwid rambles pretty incoherently about Anton Lavey... but i couldnt find either one.

i found a "full discography" HERE, which isnt complete but still pretty good

i was actually kinda bummed when i read the Burning Fight book, and in the Integrity chapter Dwid talks about how the whole Holy Terror Church Of Final Judgement was MADE UP. i was actually contemplating JOINING that church when that shit came out. fucking joke's on me.

anyway, dust off the jersey, come sing along on August 16th.

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