Saturday, July 4, 2009

walter sings the hits live

i never saw Gorilla Biscuits. the first LP i ever bought with my own money was a used copy of START TODAY that i still own to this day.

a couple years ago, i was living in the City Heights part of San Diego. not far from our house was this city hipster bar called The Beauty Bar. and when i say "not far" i mean a 15 minute stumble home.

the Gorilla Biscuits were playing somewhere else in town, and i received word that Walter Schreifels was playing acoustic at the Beauty Bar after the show. i decided that for some reason id rather go there than the GB show. so i made my way to the bar and proceeded to start drinking Tom Collins (as i did nightly when i lived in SD, at some bar or another, but thats another story). eventually i plopped myself in an opportune spot, and it ended up that i was sitting at a table in the front of the stage. nobody was sitting in front of me as Walter flew through some of my favorite songs. Quicksand, GB, Rival Schools, even The Smiths and Sick Of It All. it was an amazing night. i barely spoke to anyone, just sat there with a huge smile on my face, feeling the drinks and music flow through me. a truly magical night.

i stumbled across a 2 part recording of Walter from 2006. i downloaded it, and decided that part 2 was the more important part, and that id love to share the songs and story with the world. it was recorded somewhere in Holland, and the song choices and banter make up for the somewhat low volume of the file. so turn it up, mix some gin in a highball glass with some collins mix, or if youre in a pinch some Squirt, and enjoy the show.

Walter Sings The Hits Live

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