Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fugazi 10 Year Anniversary show

a while back, i saw an ad somewhere that this dude was selling soundboard recordings of like... over 100 Fugazi shows. as previously posted, im a HUGE Fugazi fan, and i had to have at least one. i thought about getting cds of shows that id been to, but decided to get one that was important and that i hadnt been to.

i settled on this one, September 3rd, 1997. it was recorded in their home town of Washington, DC. when the cd came, i was surprised to find that it wasnt just a crappy cdr with a photocopied cover, but had an actual cover and the cds were printed on. its 2 cds.

insert (not copied, sorry) says:
"please note: no attempt has been made to correct for volume shifts, drop outs or any other sonic anomalies found in the original live master tapes"
a couple of photos were stolen from Glen E. Friedman, and its interesting to note that Ian's long time partner, Amy Pickering, sings backups on the song Suggestion.

overall, its a great cross section of their music up to that point, songs from every album up to Red Medicine.
enjoy, i always do.



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