Friday, July 10, 2009

Dead Kennedys

On some tour, as we exited the vans in Portland, Jav said to me: "So this is Oregon, huh? Tolerant Oregon." I laughed, and probably responded with something about the KFC on Burnside or "I threeeeew the rock!" I don't think anyone else had a clue what we were talking about. Their loss. Posers.

"Too Drunk To Fuck" has always been my favorite Dead Kennedys song. No wonder my edge didn't last:

Anyway, I dare you to find a better line in punk than "Take out your fucking retainer, put it in your purse". Well, perhaps when Michelle says "No. Not at all, because I hate painters" while cooking eggs with Darby in Decline of Western Civilization:

Dead Kennedys "Live at The River Theater / 12.15.84" from Shiny Grey Monotone blog (which has great downloads for all you 80's/90's heavy-stuff AmRep / Northwest fans):

Part 1
Part 2

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Take This Job and Shove It
3. Hellnation
4. Dear Abby
5. When Ya Get Drafted
6. Buzzbomb
7. This Could Be Anywhere
8. MTV, Get Off the Air
9. Drug Me
10. Winnebago Warrior
11. I Spy
12. Jock-O-Rama
13. I Kill Children
14. Goons of Hazard
15. Kill The Poor
16. Police Truck
17. I Fought The Law (and I won)

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