Monday, August 31, 2009

Throwdown at Stone's house

Aaron Stone lived on Santa Ana Avenue in Costa Mesa, CA. His family had decided to move away, and they let Aaron have a show there on the last night of living there.
Sadly, due to either work or being ostracized from that scene at the time (i'll go with the latter), I didn't go to the show.
I found this picture of Throwdown in Accession Fanzine, made by Matt Mently, who went on to play for Throwdown a few years later. It's an awesome picture. From left to right, ill lay the scene.
First, Brandan is playing guitar, and striking a nice pose. Next to him, you can see the blond ponytail of one of the Bowne brothers. To his right, wearing a visor, is Dave "brundy" Brundage. Adam Vanberklaer is possibly smiling next to him, and our very own Cheesegrater is sporting shorts and most likely flip flops.
Couple other randos, then you see Aaron Stone himself. Heavy K looks like he's flying quite high, but im quite sure that it is an illusion of perspective, because Dom next to him is only 5'6" and kinda bent over. The Mighty Bishop is in the background, next to the GET SICK sign.
This was also the night that Sean Gorman threw Dom's girlfriend off of the room, and im pretty sure someone went through a wall.
Good Times.


  1. I have the video of this show (filmed by Sims seen crouching in front of Sheep). I'll have to make my own entry as the story is long and incredible.

  2. So this ended up being an Extreme Gorman night. As someone was playing Donny Gorman decided to stick his ass through the sliding glass window and shatter it on his back. As Red Dog and I were cleaning up we heard a commotion in the front. We ran out to see Shawna drenched. Sean had filled up a trash can full of water and dumped it from the roof on the first person he saw. Shawna just happened to be in the wrong place. So in her defense Maliya jumped up on the roof and started throwing rocks at Sean. He told her to stop and she threw one at his head. I believe he called her the "C" word and then she went to punch him. He caught the first one and the second one. Now he controlled both her wrist and proceeded to drag her to the edge of the roof. There is a reason we called them the Extreme Gormans. He looked for a nice soft landing, smiled, and pitched her off. She landed on her side and gave out a great sound. She gasped for air for a few minutes while Sean came down off the roof. She then proceeded to get up and start yelling at him. I believe on quote was, "I'm getting my gun for target practice, and your my FUCKING TARGET". Dom tried to hold her back and calm her down but she picked him up and moved him. Bummer having a GF who's bigger then you. Five minutes later she was back on the ground gasping for air. It was amazing.
    Probably one of my top ten favorite shows.

  3. This night was amazing.. I think Austin has a video of the night as well.
    I believe the getting my gun quote had something about getting a "box of guns". So classic.
    How about the show at Brundy's house where Donny put his ass and half his back through the wall? I think it was during Show of Hands..
    There could be a dedicated blog to tell the stories of the Extreme Gormans...