Friday, February 12, 2010


SANGRAAL is Gehenna's black metal/thrash side-project. It features Cheese on bass, Rhoades on guitar/vocals, and Josh on drums. When they played the PCH Club, I took 1 picture and it turned about pretty bad:
Wicked Witch Records released an LP titled "Wolves of Armaggedon" (WWR #16). The regular version comes on black vinyl and features a gatefold sleeve (note the Seven Crowns on decapitated heads in the cover art). I've heard it's limited to 500.
There's also a limited version on maroon/black swirl vinyl, with different cover art, a pentagram drawn in real (human?) blood on the back, and hand numbered out of 48.
Shirts were made, but unfortunately, I never ordered one.

Download the SANGRAAL LP

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