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11.11.07 / Que Sera (Long Beach, CA) / Pic:

Gehenna Discography (leave a comment with more / different info):

- Demo [Revolutionary Power Tools #1]
- Split 7" with Apartment 213 [Area 51 #3]
--- Photocopied Cover w/ 7-headed serpent on back
--- Manilla Envelope Sleeve w/ Silkscreened Acetate front
--- * Blue Ink on Insert
--- * Red Ink on Insert
- Birth of Vengeance 7" [Revolutionary Power Tools #6]
---Red Cover w/ vellum lyric sheet
---Serpent Cover
- War of the Sons of Light and the Suns of Darkness CD
- Live Split LP with Catharsis [Wicked Witch #15]
---Black Vinyl
- Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris LP [Crawlspace #3]
---Black Vinyl
- Upon The Gravehill LP [King of the Monsters #17]
---Black Vinyl
- V/A In Our Time LP [CrimethInc]
---White Marble Vinyl
---Red Marble Vinyl
- Lands of Sodom 7" [Hit The Deck]
--- Limited Cover (# / 25)
--- Regular Cover
- War of the Sons of Light and the Suns of Darkness LP
--- Orange Vinyl
--- Green Vinyl

"Birth of Vengeance" Test Pressing:

"Birth of Vengeance" Limited Cover:

Finn McKenty did an interview with Mike Cheese around 1995. I copied it from his blog (

I interviewed Mike Cheese from Gehenna. He wasn’t very nice, but since I went to the trouble of writing him I guess I might as well print this anyway... I don’t think it turned out very well, but interviews aren’t very interesting to begin with so whatever.

What’s up in San Diego? It seems like the stereotype is that they’re all screamo Gravity type bands...

It’s really hard to say cause we all live in different parts of the West. One in San Diego, two in Orange County, and 2 in Reno, Nevada. As far as the “scene” in general everywhere in the US sucks shit pretty much. And Southern California is no different. Stupid ass people and crumby ass motherfucking chump bands everywhere you look. Fashion rules while any real threat takes a back seat. Hardcore is shit!

How would you say the band has changed since it started? The demo is pretty straightforward HC, while the split w/ Apt. 213 is more grindy.

Gehenna is a band with a sort of “revolving door” line up. Members come and go, each adding or subtracting a bit of an influence or another. But it seems to always move to a more extreme form of music every time.

How many people in the band write? (I meant write graffiti...)

None of us are illiterate. But when it comes to writing letters to friends or what not, you’d think so!

What records do you still have available?

I couldn’t help ya there. Sorry.

I heard you got in a fight or something in San Francisco when you played with Spazz and Fall Silent. What’s up with that?

I got Terrets Syndrom (sic) and sometimes shit just goes wrong and I’ll freak the fuck out and just start doing wild shit. I don’t remember exactly but you can ask the nerd who does Monkydickbite zine. He was at our show to pretend he was punk but went outside to *** off and suck some cock to get an interview or scene points for his *** ass zine. Or maybe ask the vegan Monster Crew ***, who thought he was tough and wound up layed on his sissy vegan ass. I don’t fuckin’ know though.

What bands / records / people are you into right now?

We like a ton of stuff here’s the rundown: Bands: GG Allin, The Motherfucking Titty Suckers, Avalanche Master, Fall Silent, Unruh, Apeshit, DEA, Schellar, DRI, Chain of Strength, Enewetak, the Chiefs, Catharsis, Sleep, the Police, The whole Rap-A-Lot Records family, Gehenna (us of course!), Herb Alpert and the TJ Brass, and 3 Stoned Men! Records: 7”, 12”, and misdemeanors. Felony’s (sic) are to (sic) hard to shake. People: “The 3-D’s”: Dice, Dangerfield, and el Duce.

When you hear about people in bands like Nirvana, Pennywise, etc. dying from overdoses, what’s your reaction?

I hope our band end’s (sic) up like that. I couldn’t give a flyin’ fuck. Suicide is the only answer anyway’s. (sic) Just do it. Kill everybody.

Anything you want to add / thank / talk shit about?

I would like to thank: Everyone who is dead for not bothering me, the inventor of pot and the inventor of fire, the inventor of pot on fire, and all the bad words that make people mad. I would like to talk shit to: Everyone alive for bothering me. I want to add: 420 + 40oz = fucked up’ 420 + 69 = party! Shout outs: “Check me out.” “That’s what men’s do.” “Sometimes I just loose my mind when I play drums.” ‘Blow me.”

Gehenna / Box 83694 / San Diego, CA 92138-3694


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  3. If you ever decide to part ways with the Birht of vengeance test press i would be very very very much interested!