Thursday, January 21, 2010

into another again

i love into another.

i have a couple of into another 12"s on ebay right now. i dont really care about collection vinyl anymore.
my ebay

we posted a live into another record a few months ago
but when i started doing that i was naive to the ways of uploading music for downloading and used rapidshare. here is is again, on mediafire
live at the tune inn, 1994

and if youve never heard it, i suggest picking up their lost, unfinished masterpiece "soul control"

the first time i heard them was probably in Gabe Wyatt's car, maybe 10th or 11th grade (so, 1994?) and i think i literally laughed out loud. i remember Gabe and Jim Schwartz singing about lying on their backs in the front yard of a suburban home, and i didnt get it. for a few weeks. then, i got it.
i think i saw them 4 times, including once at Cal State Fullerton with Seaweed. amazing every time.
i saw Richie once at Alisan, wearing like Oakley's with yellow lenses, playing chess by himself. it was really awkward.
ive always wanted an into another tattoo. maybe i will will some day.

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