Thursday, November 26, 2009

how i learned how to lick basses and stop worrying

i was reminded by my friend Buske about this awesome part of my past:

@javjavjav Whenever I see dudes lick their basses I think of you. No homo.

he is, of course, referring to the video where i lick my bass. actually, maybe hes referring to the whole period of my life where i was licking the necks of both my bass and James Hart.

but, as with all cool things, there has to be an origin or inspiration. mine came from an unlikely source.


yes. Refused. the influential, liberal, revolutionary hardcore punk band from Sweden. who woulda thought?
but in i believe it was 1996, Refused played the Showcase Theater in Corona. i think with Spawn, maybe Strain. who the fuck knows. anyway... it was before they were super mod. they were still a hardcore band. "rather be dead" was their best known song at the time. the bass player had an awesome bowl cut, and guess what? he licked his bass. a lot.
bass guitars do not taste good. especially after a few nights on the road, where all you taste is literally metal, sweat, and maybe a little blood. i dont recommend it.

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