Monday, August 31, 2009

Throwdown at Stone's house

Aaron Stone lived on Santa Ana Avenue in Costa Mesa, CA. His family had decided to move away, and they let Aaron have a show there on the last night of living there.
Sadly, due to either work or being ostracized from that scene at the time (i'll go with the latter), I didn't go to the show.
I found this picture of Throwdown in Accession Fanzine, made by Matt Mently, who went on to play for Throwdown a few years later. It's an awesome picture. From left to right, ill lay the scene.
First, Brandan is playing guitar, and striking a nice pose. Next to him, you can see the blond ponytail of one of the Bowne brothers. To his right, wearing a visor, is Dave "brundy" Brundage. Adam Vanberklaer is possibly smiling next to him, and our very own Cheesegrater is sporting shorts and most likely flip flops.
Couple other randos, then you see Aaron Stone himself. Heavy K looks like he's flying quite high, but im quite sure that it is an illusion of perspective, because Dom next to him is only 5'6" and kinda bent over. The Mighty Bishop is in the background, next to the GET SICK sign.
This was also the night that Sean Gorman threw Dom's girlfriend off of the room, and im pretty sure someone went through a wall.
Good Times.

newport takeover

found this in Tumult Fanzine, made by Kathleen. wow.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

hang up your boots

in 2000/ 2001 i lived at this house called Rosscore, named after its primary resident, Mark J. Ross. Mark was/is and awesome dude. he had a website called where he would just put pictures he took of his friends in chronological order. if you missed a day in the pictures, you felt like you missed out.
i dont remember much about living at this house. a few random flashes, like taping Eric Johnson's entire door from floor to ceiling with packing tape. getting home from being on the road for 7 weeks with Poison The Well, sick as fuck and throwing up/shitting at the same time in the shower. being called a sellout by Keith Barney. stepping over Mark's new wife's puke in the doorway. having Erick J. Pressman live on my couch for an entire summer while 1000 Knives mailed us what we dubbed "green vinyl", which we smoked and then would get in the car and listen to ISIS for like an hour.
i especially remember discovering this band called Right Brigade. holy fuck. just pure fucking hardcore, with an emphasis on the HARD. i was hooked. i dont know where i picked up the split with A Poor Excuse, but i know five things about this record for sure.
1. ive only listened to A Poor Excuse's side once
2. its on yellow vinyl
3. they cover SLAPSHOT
4. its fucking awesome
5. i know absolutely fuck all about Right Brigade. nothing except maybe members went on to be in American Nightmare? and they had some sort of debacle with Revelation Records.

i searched around the interwebs for a download of this, but then i found a cd in my 8 stacks of loose cds titled "VINYL", and it was filled with random crap that i burned while my cd burner was still working. in the middle of this cd was this split 7".
i have tried to start a band that rips this record off 100%, and have never sucessfully done it. bummer.

Friday, August 14, 2009

just past Gay St.

here is the final six songs the mistake ever recorded.

For some reason we just could never make the mistake die. theres been years in between releases, shows... band members come and gone. nobody cares. well, Agi cares, and Cheesegrater cares.

Mark and i decided it was time to record some new stuff, to annoy people, since we had some old shit lying around that never got recorded. we actually at one time had an entire full length written "adios motherfuckers", for Indecision Records. Mandel even made ads for it and we simply forgot the songs because we didnt practice for almost a year. idiots.

well, Dan (as previously posted in Throwdown VS Reno), owed me some studio time (we traded haircuts for recording). Mark and i recruited Evan Sinclair to play drums for the recording. His brother Blake had been in the Mistake for about 5 minutes (or one show, whichever came first). we never practiced with him. well, maybe once, as we had with Alex the day before HE recorded with us. itow never laid down his bass tracks, i played bass, guitar, and song on this recording.

this was actually recorded with the intent to go straight to iTunes, as Cheesegrater was putting the mistake catalog up. somehow these songs didnt make it though, and just kinda sat around. Dan's hard drive even crashed, and we thought the songs were lost forever. luckily, Mark had a cd of them.

it was all recorded in ONE DAY. i dont even know when. it was named for the fact that Dan's street is just after a street named GAY. i have a picture to prove it.

Mark and Evan wrote this version of "adios motherfuckers" before i even got there, i just learned it and jammed it out on the spot. wrote the lyrics too. we had a couple different versions of it before, but this is the one laid to tape (or whatever you say for protools). the lyrics to AMF were a stab at certain members of certain old bands who decided to reinvent themselves and return to the hardcore scene.

"tie a red ribbon" was recorded on the infamous "live at showcase" like fucking 8 years before. it was inspired by the movie AND THE BAND PLAYED ON

FUCK LIFE was something that we always said... its just a catchy phrase. and putting it to the bastardized music of Throwdown's UNITE? fucking genius if i dont say so myself. i even say "cock" instead of "rock".

yeah, we cover Jawbreaker covering Psycadellic Furs. so what. its so ridiculous that you can even hear me laughing as im singing it. and at the end i say "oh my god that was fucking terrible" and i meant it.

whatever. here it is.

1. tie a red ribbon
2. i miss my friends but my aim is improving
3. fuck life
4. at least im STILL not you (or travis smith)
5. adios motherfuckers
6. into you like a train

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fugazi 10 Year Anniversary show

a while back, i saw an ad somewhere that this dude was selling soundboard recordings of like... over 100 Fugazi shows. as previously posted, im a HUGE Fugazi fan, and i had to have at least one. i thought about getting cds of shows that id been to, but decided to get one that was important and that i hadnt been to.

i settled on this one, September 3rd, 1997. it was recorded in their home town of Washington, DC. when the cd came, i was surprised to find that it wasnt just a crappy cdr with a photocopied cover, but had an actual cover and the cds were printed on. its 2 cds.

insert (not copied, sorry) says:
"please note: no attempt has been made to correct for volume shifts, drop outs or any other sonic anomalies found in the original live master tapes"
a couple of photos were stolen from Glen E. Friedman, and its interesting to note that Ian's long time partner, Amy Pickering, sings backups on the song Suggestion.

overall, its a great cross section of their music up to that point, songs from every album up to Red Medicine.
enjoy, i always do.