Monday, September 21, 2009

HURRICANRANA- Destroying The Opposition

When the singer of a band rolls in with a hammer taped to the microphone, you know its gonna be a good time.

Hurricanrana was a band that didn't really break out of Southern California, but the bands that it spawned sure did. Andres and Martin were once mild mannered, if not large and unsuspecting member of the audience of hardcore shows. Eventually they formed a band, and the Destroying The Opposition demo was the first thing to come from the band named after a professional wresting move.
Musically, its hard to compare it to anything. Hints of Vision Of Disorder, tribal drumming, weird chords, and most of all, punishing breakdowns would form the band's sound. Visually, it was interesting to see a hardcore band on stage in Southern California with NO WHITE PEOPLE IN IT. Blood, hammers, "fight sticks", prop bottles... violence of the showey kind would eventually lead to violence of the real kind, or life imitating art.

Martin and Dre and Nick would eventually start the infamous Donnybrook!, and Martin now plays guitar in Terror.
This is the first demo the band put out, but i really feel like the second one was better. I only have the "remixed" version of that, with a bunch of extra sounds and effects that Nick put in after his time in recording school, and i feel that it is missing the rawness and brutality of the original version. But at least there's no Mike Milford singing on it.

Hurricanrana Destroying The Opposition 2001


  1. Upload the 2nd Demo if possible. I lost my iPod with the original on there and it drives me nuts when I want to listen to it.

    I also had the xMATOEx cd on there, "broken swords and torn sails", or something like that. If you have that by any chance, I'd realllllly appreciate it if you can upload it somewhere.

  2. i would love to have the xMATOEx broken swords and torn sails demo