Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i dont know when it was. maybe a year ago? two? i decided to write some new Mistake material.

for some reason, i couldnt find anyone else in the band so i decided to do it all myself. our previous session had just been myself, Mark and this kid Evan Sinclair (who's brother had played bass for one show for us) and was recorded by Daniel Bieranowski at his house, which was a couple streets down from this street called Gay so we named the recording "just passed Gay Street". 4 of those songs are on The Mistake MySpace page, and two have been swept under the rug. i may release them here eventually, i may release them on a Cd. who knows, who cares.

anyway, this is one song i wrote and recorded all by myself, with this kid DFH playing drums. its unmastered and unmixed but i figured someone would be into it, so here it is.

i didnt name it, but the album was supposed to be called WARSHIP JAMZ. get it? like worship jams? ha.

no name #1

Monday, May 25, 2009

Jawbreaker Live

found this on some other blog. pretty good quality

track listing:

1. Do You Still Hate Me?
2. Donatello
3. Boxcar
4. Chesterfield King
5. The Boat Dreams From the Hill
6. West Bay Invitational
7. Want
8. Outpatient
9. Jinx Removing
10. Kiss the Bottle

Carry The Casket

Carry The Casket was a great hardcore band from Orange County. Not really formed in the ashes of anything other than cigarettes and smoldering dreams, they became a formidable opponent to not only their own livers, but people's ears and eyes.

the band's myspace says that they formed in 2003 and recorded a demo in 2004. the demo was packaged in a DVD case, much like the Graf Orlock "corpserate greed" demo, and featured a photo of a graveyard in front of the whitehouse, which is a strong indication of their lyrics.
the demo is credited to
and was recorded in a mobile home in costa mesa

in 2005, two split 7"s were released. one with The Mistake and one with Motherspeed.
the Mistake split had no less than 5 different covers, released by Prime Directive Records. the lyric sheet is one of my favorites ever, literally just a photocopy of the lyrics emailed to Cheesegrater. genius.
the lineup on those splits was the same. they were recorded at Shiva Industries by (i think) one of the dudes in Mindrot.
the thanks list on the Mistake list includes this

the thanks list on the Motherspeed split says

in 2006 CTC got a new drummer and started recording a full length, titled "feed me drugs until i choke". The vocals for only a few songs were ever recorded and lyrics not even written for all of them. i dont even know if all of the instruments were recorded, but the thing could have easily been finished. members blamed each other for laziness, apathy, and various states of sobriety for the debacle the album became. i witnessed first hand the anger and anguish that was caused.

i dont know when Carry The Casket played their last show, and i dont think they had an "official" last show. the last time i remember seeing them was at the Mistake's first last show at the Roc bar in costa mesa, and they fucking slayed. that was a great time, playing with bands like Pressvre, Come And Get It, Graf Orlock... bands playing in warehouses and bars and not giving a fuck.

i know that Carry The Casket played out of state a few times, but i dunno that i'd call them "tours". i remember being regaled with stories of meeting members of Gehenna on the road and taking various psycotropic drugs.

ive collected here the 2004 demo, and the songs from both splits. i highly doubt the LP will EVER see the light of day, and thats kind of a shame.

Jerry and Greg went on to form Neon Claws with me. Jerry always told me that Dan was in some band that allowed "pussy and coke to be thrown at him". Gettman formed a band that featured just him and a drummer, playing 22 minute songs with no parts repeating. sounded painful yet awesome. Justin Jolly was in a few bands like Cold War, Perish, and is just doing whatever he does.

from their myspace

ctc at Vinyl Solution, photo by me
the mistake played this show, and afterward we all went to Johnny's bar and i spent over 250 dollars on alcohol, earning the nickname "rich uncle jav" and almost being sent home from work the next day for smelling like gin.

Carry The Casket

Sunday, May 24, 2009

God's Iron Tooth "the getting fucked ep"

Gods Iron Tooth was one of the first sludge/doom/"stoner" bands to infiltrate the OC hardcore scene, if not THE first. I cant remember when this cd was handed to me, but i'd venture to guess 1998? everyone was still wearing big pants and trying to be evil. Phil (vocals) and Jeremy (guitar) and Travis (drums) handed me the demo, saying something about EYEHATEGOD and IRON MONKEY (hence the name) and at the time i didnt really get it. Phil had been in a sxe band called Exempt, and was one of the biggest, most tattooed dudes around at the time. Jeremy was in Xessive forceX and had been through Navy Seal training. these were not dudes you wanted to mess with. i just remember Travis smiling a lot, and not really liking their bass player Ryan cause he was friends with Tyson.

i tried to contact Phil via myspace, because neither Cheesegrater or I have any contact info for him right now, but that was fruitless, so i had to do some work on google.

Encyclopaedia Mettalum says that the Getting Fucked EP was released in 2000, and had 5 songs. "the last vista session" 2001, had 3 songs. i remember not really as into anything past this demo. there are some funny pictures here

GIT has a myspace page, as well, with some cool photos

Phil went on to be in Dirty Girls and City Scum. Prime Directive put out the Dirty Girls 7", i suggest you purchase it IMMEDIATELY

for now, blaze a fatty to the ORIGINAL GETTING FUCKED EP

i received this reply from phil via

Sorry Jav, I dont use my myspace account anymore. The "Getting Fucked" ep was recorded in 1998 with Paul Miner at For the Record. It was 2 songs and we did it with Jeremy playing the bass tracks. I think at one point we asked you if you wanted to play bass? In 2000 we finally got a bass player and recorded "The Last Vista Session" ep. Rusty Cavender from Treadwell and Le Shock recorded that record at his house. It was the very last recording he did at that home studio, so we payed homage to it by calling the record "the last vista sessions". His house was on Vista ave. in Long Beach. Rusty also recorded our full length that never saw the light of day.

We kicked Ryan out of the band before we recorded the full length and got our good friend Kelly. That was a pretty awesome line up that played probably 3 shows before breaking up.

over the edge

reading the Isaac Golub interview on XSTUCKINTHEPASTX, and the comments about it. all 27 of them.

i just gotta say a couple things.

1. XCHORUSX was a good band.
2. Straight Edge is like marriage. for some, it can last a lifetime. for some, you try it, it doesnt work, and you move on.

im just gonna leave it as that. short and sweet.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Black Flag

Everyone likes Black Flag. If you don't, you're wrong.

I really dislike reunions, but find myself attending anyway. I'm almost always right as I walk away totally disappointed. Over the years I've seen some version of Black Flag a few times. I saw 'em at Amoeba (Hollywood) in December '02 when Rollins Band covered Black Flag songs as a benefit for the West Memphis Three. Keith Morris, Dukowski, and Rollins took turns on the songs. I don't remember much else except there were some forgettable famous people there (I really forget who).

Attended the "Benefit for Cats" thing that Gregg Ginn put together in '03. It was Ginn, Robo, Dez, and a pre-recorded bass track. I was thoroughly disappointed in the entire event. Mike V and the Rats opened up playing "My War" start to finish -- it was forgettable.

The most enjoyable for me was the Class of '77 reunion show at the El Rey in December '01. A bunch of bands got together to promote the release of "We Got The Neutron Bomb", the oral history of L.A. punk. The Screamers (just K.K. and Paul Roessler), Circle Jerks, Weirdos, Red Cross, Adolescents, The Crowd, The Controllers, The Skulls, Bad Religion, The Dogs, The Runaways, Geza X, Lee Ving, TSOL, and Agent Orange all performed with some bastardized lineup or another.

The two highlights of the night were:

Watt and Hurley playing Minutemen songs. At the end of their set Watt yelled at the audience: "Start your own band" and "FUCK NEW WAVE". Incredible.

Keith Morris doing "Nervous Breakdown" songs backed by a lineup of Weirdos / Circle Jerks / Redd Cross members.

Sweet pic (probably '83 lineup?):

Still wondering how long the world will have to wait for an official release of Decline. Would love to see the extra Black Flag, Bags, and Germs footage. Here's Flag with their best singer, Ron "Chavo" Reyes:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Mummies

Anyone who knows me is undoubtedly aware of my love for all things garage. Billy Childish, Teengenerate, The Registrators, the entire Rip Off Records catalog... On that note, my man 'Ben Alvie' over on the Livewire Board recently hooked up this insane collection of The Mummies. Enjoy:

The Mummies 7" Bundle:

Larry Winther and his Mummies – Live @ Pony Express Pizza Parlour 4/13/89
Mummies and Greg Lowery – Food, Sickles, and Girls
Mummies / Wolfmen
Mummies – You Must Fight To Live On The Planet of the Apes
Mummies – Get Late
Mummies – Peel Sessions
Mummies – Sessions
Mummies – Shitsville
Mummies – Stronger than Dirt
Mummies – Tales from the Crypt
Mummies – That Girl
Mummies – Uncontrollable Urge

best of 2008 mixtape

its no secret, but maybe not widely televised that Cheesegrater and myself are into hiphop. Cheesegrater has some of the best Kool Keith records ive ever seen (that Santessa record is infectious!), and i used to DJ a hip hop night with Efrem (

i came across this mixtape a few days ago from Hype Machine, and its pretty fucking awesome. my only real complaint is the same for pretty much any mixtape, and thats when they continuously announce who the DJ is for that particular mixtape.

"american boy" is one of my favorite jams right now, and this version is pretty cool, with Jay-Z dropping a live verse. Jay-Z's collab/ mash-up with Oasis is pretty cool too. im kinda sick of hearing that MIA song, especially after Slumdog Millionaire, but the version on here is cool. once you get past the first couple of songs, it starts to rock pretty hard. give it a shot, broaden your fuckin horizons, son.

Cornerstone mixtape 2008

track list:
1. Intro (6th Sense)
2. So Fly (Slim f Biggie - Mick Boogie Mix)
3. Announcement (Common f Biggie - Mick Boogie Mix)
4. I Luv Your Girl (Dream f Jay-Z MB/TU Mix)
5. Paper Planes (MIA - Terry Urban Mix)
6. Swagger Like Us (Jay-Z - Mick Boogie Transition)
7. Jockin My Wonderwalls (Jay-Z & Oasis)
8. Diamond Girl (Ryan Leslie f Kanye West - Mick Boogie Mix)
9. Paris Tokyo (Lupe Fiasco f CL Smooth - Mick Boogie Mix)
10. Girls Around (Lloyd f Rakim - MB/TU Mix)
11. Drivin Down The Block (Kidz In The Hall f/ El-P)
12. Gettin Up (Q-Tip)
13. Milli (Lil Wayne - Wonder/Excel Mix)
14. Love Lockdown (Kanye West f LMFAO)
15. Falsetto (Dream - Terry Urban Mix)
16. Day N Night (Kid Cudi f Jay-Z - Terry Urban Mix)
17. Lollirock (Lil Wayne & Kanye West - Kickdrums Remix)
18. Dangerous (Kardinal f Akon)
19. The Boss (Rick Ross f Lil Wayne - Mick Boogie Mix)
20. Out Here Grindin (Khaled)
21. My President (Young Jeezy f Nas)
22. Black President (Nas f Young Jeezy)
23. American Boy (Estelle f Jay-Z and NERD - Terry Urban Mix)
24. Everyone Knows (NERD - Sammy Bananas Remix)
25. Dont Touch Me Remix (Busta Rhymes f Nas)
26. Magic (Robin Thicke f Jay-Z - Mick Boogie Mix)
27. The Light 08 (Common)
28. How We Rock (Termanology f Bun B)
29. Rising Down (The Roots f Mos Def & Styles)
30. Viagra (88 Keys and Kanye West)
31. Midnight 08 (Q-Tip)
32. Go All Out (9th Wonder and Buckshot)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Record Trading

The late 90's were a great time for internet record trading. Popsike didn't exist and things things weren't exhaustively cataloged, so a good score wasn't unheard of. I got my copy of "Kids Will Have Their Say" for a few YOT records and a Tenfold 7". Of course, there's those near-misses that still haunt me as well. I was this close to getting a Chung King for a stack of about 40 hardcore records, mostly late 90's youth-crew revival stuff, Rev colored vinyl, etc. Dude pulled out at the last minute and I've been angry about that ever since.

I was recently reminded of one of the all time great trades (from my perspective). Via the RevBoard I received an e-mail from a guy willing to trade me a mint copy of DYS "Brotherhood" for the Evergreen LP. At the time I think every single person who hung out at Softcore owned one and since I didn't want to trade my own copy I just asked someone at Softcore to trade me theirs. I think I gave up an Into Another "Creepy Eepy" on red vinyl for it. Then I traded that extra Evergreen LP for the "Brotherhood" LP. Still own it, too.

Evergreen live at Costa Mesa Community Center (sorry for weird credit strip on picture - only version I have access to):


i fucking loved Found Dead Hanging. Keith sent me the demo, and i was fucking hooked from the beginning.

i described it to people as a mix between His Hero Is Gone and Creation Is Crucifixion. whatever it is, its brutal, hectic, heavy, and sometimes silly (in a good way).

the mistake had the pleasure of doing our one and only tour with them. i think our introduction to them was Itow throwing a pack of fireworks at them, before he had met any of them.

yeah, they had an AMAZING ep on Black Market Activites, and were on the Hellfest DVD one of the years. but ive decided to upload my introduction to them, their demo. its three songs, and the first and second song are two of my favorites. i once BEGGED keith to play the second song on the demo, in San Diego... we had to sit in their van and listen to MY cd of it so he could remember the lyrics.

one time i had some b33f with Maynard. he dated my friend Beth from AZ, and it ended badly so i took her side. a few months later, i saw him at Ryan Like A Hex's house in Syracuse, where he busted in and asked if anyone wanted to play Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. nobody was amused. around an hour later, my knife went missing, and i last saw it in the proximity of Maynard. of course, i blamed him. about 6 months later i got an email from Ryan saying he found my knife behind a bookshelf. what an asshole i am sometimes.

you can find a few videos of them on youtube and stuff, but lets just focus on the demo for now, ok?

also, be sure to check out Keith's band Architect. they recently played with Disembodied in Minneapolis, and everyone was impressed.



photo by xfurnx

Neon Claws was a band from Southern California whose existence was unfortunately short lived. Born from the twisted brains and boredom of Jerry Wayne Wolbright and myself, we were a band for less than a year and played 3 shows. It was hard to break from the "ex-members" of curse, but members from Carry The Casket, The Mistake, Graf Orlock, and Hurry Up and Kill Yourself were in the band.

Ill let the music speak for itself.

Here is a video of our first show, at Scruffy's house in Riverside:

and the demo, free of charge.

Neon Claws were:

I would tell some stories about Neon Claws, but honestly it was mostly us getting drunk and/or high, making grand plans and never really following through. Dan recorded our demo. we played the last local hardcore show at Showcase Theatre, and Dipiazza's Pizza. Im not sure what the other dudes are doing now. We only really broke up because we couldn't pull it together. It was fun while it lasted.

couple song explanations:
"all messed up with no place to go" and "days that end in "why?" were about the fact that Jerry was in a court-mandated 12-step program and lost his license. i drove him around a lot, and we lived in the same apartment complex, which (un)fortunately for us both had a liquor store IN THE FUCKING PARKING LOT. the line "i'm crawling home" was fucking true. many nights/ early mornings i found myself crawling from his apartment to mine.

"youre treading on me" was about me watching my kid do the pledge of allegiance, and seeing how truly fucking brainwashed we are from a young age. the sample is fucking classic. we watched a lot of "its always sunny"

"gone for good" was about jerry's dad

"divorce" was about not repeating patterns in our families.

i wish we had recorded the songs we wrote after the demo, but i think we left a good mark. could have been more, but fuck it. "that's a hell of a damn grave"

Friday, May 15, 2009

into another live

im not sure where i got this from, but i am sure that Into Another is one of my favorite bands.

This is a soundboard recording from the Tune Inn, April 15th 1994. It was before SEEMLESS came out, but they play a version of TAIL. songs from all releases are played.

maybe ill upload SOUL CONTROL one of these days. until then: